Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've been messing around with a different writing style as of late. I'm more of a traditional writer, what with characters, plot, antagonists and all the other good bits. Despite that I must say that it was nice to have a change of pace for a bit. Criticism welcome.


Listen to Others.
What if they won’t hear me?
Treat Others with respect.
What if they have none for me?
Be polite to Others.
What if they can’t stand me?
Be generous to Others.
What if I have nothing to give?
Do not steal from Others.
What if they have robbed me?
Do not harm Others.
What if I’m battered and bruised?
Don’t question Others.
What if I ask why?
Obey Others.
I say no.


  1. I like this. It's well-written, well-constructed, and well thought out. It also has a good message.

  2. I agree with May, I could not say it better :)